Privacy and Security Policy

Privacy and Security Policy

All the rights of texts, graphics, logos, pictures, photographs, figures, technical drawings, video recordings, movies, software, and electronic materials that are published on the Website are reserved. Partially or totally, direct or indirect, as is or in some other way use, copy, rent, borrow, reproduce, make changes, loading to another computer, post, distribute, transfer, republish, exposure, transcribe, process, representation, keeping for commercial purpose, selling or the encouragement of the stated acts and expediting of them being made of those elements without the written consent of 2M KABLO is forbidden.  But, it can be permitted that the materials that take place on the site (promotion movie, visual, etc.) be copied to the personal computer to be used without professional or commercial uses. But any type of legal responsibility belongs to the person, who violates as a result of this use.  All the error, damage, or other possible results that may occur for the reason of downloading any documents by accessing the site or from the site, 2M KABLO cannot be held responsible.

2M KABLO will make efforts for providing the accuracy and actuality of the data that are indicated on the site. But it doesn’t bear responsibility about the fact that if the information used on the site is accurate or not. 2M KABLO can change or cancel all the information, rules at the time it wishes to. Following these subjects is the responsibility of the user.

All sorts of data such as content, hardware, option, price, terms of payment, working drawing, visual, explanation, and news are for promotion and providing information. 2M KABLO can make changes in the price it recommends, type, technical documents, and description without notice. While the information that takes place on this site might differ from country to country, the user accepts that they have to obtain the actuality and accuracy of this information from 2M KABLO. The information indicated on the site does not constitute any guarantees or commitments.

2M KABLO does not bear any responsibility because of any sort of activity and processes by the corporations which try to operate to serve their brands by bearing the 2M KABLO name and logo.

In case of a criminal complaint or a request of official investigation gets made by the official authorities against the user and/or in case of any electronic sabotage or attack that would prevent the operation or change the course of 2M KABLO systems gets determined, 2M KABLO holds the right to research the identity information of the user and notify the legal authorities.

The fact that they’ve filled the forms on the site does not grant the user any rights or does not grant the user the possibility to assert a claim of gained rights about any application.

In case incomplete, wrong, or null information is entered into the forms, opportunities that may be acquired as results from promotion operations can’t be requested from 2M KABLO.

As 2M KABLO we process the data about the sections users/guests visit/reach when they enter the website in order to increase the benefit and for purposes such as improving our website to prevent the possibility of security flaws. Users/Guests accepts and declares that they have been informed about the subject data are processed by starting from the moment they’ve entered the site, in this period which ends with them leaving including them using the communication form, and within that scope, they give consent to the data processing period that will be made by 2M KABLO.