As 2M KABLO, we believe that human resources are the most important power that carries enterprises one step ahead. As a leading company in the own industry, we focused on increasing the competitiveness of our company with our investments in manpower.

Therefore, our responsibility for our employees is; based on the logic of “How is it better?“ by working hours, training programs, career planning, domestic-overseas working opportunities and providing the best opportunities on many issues including the wage policies.

Our Employee Profile

As 2M KABLO, we have been giving direction in our sector with the knowledge and experience we have gained over the years. Because of that; Our human resources profile consists of ”2M KABLO vision and corporate culture, self-continuous, open to learning, innovative, result-oriented and dynamic“ team members.

Our HR Policy

  • Carry out the selection and assignment of the employee suitable for the nature of the work,
  • Provide employees with appropriate placement and development opportunities,
  • Provide safe working opportunities in accordance with the nature of the task,
  • Provide a job environment that enhances the willingness of employees to work,
  • Ensure that the employees work with cost awareness depending on the principles of efficiency and profitability,
  • Ensure that all employees maintain their 2M KABLO corporate culture and quality.

2M KABLO Recruitment Process

Our main principle in selecting and placing candidates; is giving equal opportunity to the candidates who have the competencies (knowledge, skills, behavior and personality traits) of the job and who adopt the vision, mission, and values of the company without any discrimination. The most appropriate candidates among these people within or outside the company is to bring the company.

The company publishes announcements related to the workforce that it needs in the internal and external media (career portals, consulting company, etc.). The candidates who apply for these advertisements take the evaluation process. In addition, appropriate candidates are searched from the general candidate pool and an appointment is given to the candidates to be interviewed. More than one interview can be repeated by a candidate if it needs. In the interviews, some tests (such as personality inventory), multi-interview and screening methods can be implemented by evaluating the candidate's knowledge and competencies. Interviews with the candidates shall be carried out by the official from the HR and also department manager participates in the job interviews. The candidate, as a result of the interviews, who is offered a job for the candidate by making a reference survey 

2M KABLO Fee Policy

The basis of the company's overall salary policy is focused on providing a wage structure that is consistent with the market, enabling the development of individual, team and company performance, as well as the economic power of the company.

2M KABLO Training

Our employees are important at every stage for 2M KABLO. For this reason, training programs are organized according to the needs of our employees in line with the career development of our employees without any discrimination.

Candidate Application Clarification Text and Candidate Application Explicit Consent Form